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The Rottweiler

 The Rottweiler became very common in our country in the nineties because of its ability as a guard dog. After the “shock” of years ago, the Rottweiler, which at that time little was heard about, spread rapidly in Brazil, however there are still many unknown aspects about the race, misinformation, and poor establishment of some copies of the dog, make people create the wrong picture of the Rottweiler race. Our goal is to change the bad reputation of the Rottweiler.


 All these stories about the Rottweiler race like their aggressiveness, are a reflection of how they are raised. Being a very loyal race, courageous and domineering, especially the male, the Rottweiler isn’t a dog for all owners. This race is a "reflection of its owner" and should never be raised on brutal environment or could become dangerous.


 The Rottweiler dog is loyal and affectionate towards his family, patient with children, if he was raised with them, and a good company, in addition to the race, they are very intelligent and obedient, they have great potential for various functions such as police dog and guard dog. It is a balanced dog that has a strong territorial instinct, is quiet, sturdy, robust and dedicated to his family, the maturing psychic Rottweiler only occurs after the age of two.

The Origin


 The origins of Rotweiler are remote, and several hypotheses proposed. However there are strong indications that the Rottweiler race is absolutely Germanic, and the town of Rottweil as the origin of the it’s name. The Rottweiler then is probably has originated from the Mastiff of Tibet, who came to Germany by the Romans.


 The origin of the Rottweiler returns to the first century A.D., a time when Roman troops held long expeditions of conquest, and both used a drover dog, the Tibetan Mastiff, to take care of the flock that serve as food for the soldiers.


 In one of the expeditions, the troops arrived in what is now southern Germany, on the banks of the River Neckar. And it was in this region that emerged the current city of Rottweil, which the Rottweiler inherited its name, Metzgerhund Rottweil "Dog of Rottweil Butcher", since the town of Rottweil was an important center of trade in cattle, in mid-century XII. Later, its name was shortened to "the dog of Rottweil." In German Rottweiler. And continued to be used as a drover dog and draft dog until the mid-nineteenth century.


 With the end of the cattle trade in the city of Rottweil and the advent of roads nearly extinct race in the early twentieth century. But thanks to its physical qualities, high intelligence, his strong character, strong personality and his courage facing danger, the Rottweiler became the ideal partner for the police service.


 Also emerged clubs dedicated to the preservation of the race. In July 1921 it was founded Algemeiner Deutcher Rottweiler Klub (ADRK), governing until the present day, the German standard of the race.


 With so many qualities, the Rottweiler soon made admirers around the world. Arrived in the United States in the 30s, being recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1935. And also achieved the oldest club in the world The Kennel Club in England in 1936.


 In Brazil the Rottweiler only arrived in the 70s, in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Subsequently spread through the country, and today, the most important breeding centers are located in the states of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Rio Grande do Sul and Paraná. The northeastern region has grown greatly in quality recently.


 Also the number of new born Rottweiler has been increasing in Brazil. For several consecutive years, has been the most registered race in CBKC, reaching in 1997, 26,000 puppies registered, in every 5  registered puppies at least one is a Rottweiler. 



 The Rottweiler has a basically calm temperament, confident and brave,  thanks to this self-confidence he usually expect to see the environment  attitude and then respond. The Rottweiler dogs are known as excellent guard dogs because of their inherent desire to protect home and family. They are very intelligent and adaptable, with a strong willingness to work, making the race especially suitable as companions and guardians.


 For being so self-confident, the Rottweiler requires more than a owner, needs a leader. And to achieve this status it is necessary to discipline him since childhood. Therefore, it is necessary a nice and clean environment so it can develop physical activities, plus encourage a constant contact with social environment. That way achieving excellent results in their education, developing the personality and temperament.


 Crosses between Rottweiler’s should be carefully selected, choosing dogs with balanced temperament, to avoid litters with disastrous temperament.

How to Create Your Rottweiler

Before choosing a Rottweiler, people should reflect on their ability to impose towards the dog, just buy a Rottweiler without information is a big mistake.


 The Rottweiler, mainly male, have an instinct for dominance specially when it reach0 maturity, about 30 months old, but the firmness of the owner must begin in childhood. Upon arriving at the new house, the Rottweiler, should realize immediately that it can not do everything he want and need to obey the orders of the family.


 The most important factor in raising a dog like the Rottweiler is to not get intimidated by it and learn to control it, never forget that you are the alpha of the relationship. But to be a leader you need to live and work with your dog.


 Besides imposing limits on is daily-routine events that must occur from the arrival of the puppy, the best way to make clear to a Rottweiler that the owner is the leader, is to train it or provide basic obedience exercises everyday, which besides training it also provides fun for the dog.


The ideal owner for a Rottweiler need free time to make it work, is not a dog to be bought and dumped in a yard or garden, you have to take care of it, so those who choose to get one, must spend at least twenty minutes with the Rottweiler, everyday, so there is stability in the relationship between dog and owner.



 The Rottweiler breed is complete, it is a robust dog, medium-sized to large, in general noble appearance. In their correct proportions their structure will form a compact figure, strong and well proportioned, manifesting power, agility and endurance. Among its most striking features is certainly his confidence, this is associated with a strong instinct for leadership.


 Intelligence is one of the notable features of the Rottweiler, they are in 9th place among the best and brightest dogs, according to the book "The Intelligence of Dogs" Stanley Coren. They are extremely devoted and dedicated to their work, Rottweiler can learn commands in less than 5 repetitions and 95% of the time follows the first command that his owner gives to it, showing total obedience and tenacity.

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