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The Kennel


  It all started in 1990 when Odair Alamino, which has always been an admirer of the breed bought his first Rottweiler, Zago, in Araras whitin of São Paulo. From there begins the story of the Kennel di Ferraresi which is located in Mococa, State of São Paulo.


  The Kennel di Ferraresi is sufficient and respects animals, creating with full integrity and trust, resulting in dogs becoming more beautiful and healthy. We rely on our breeding dogs with excellent pedigree, imported from Germany and Portugal.


  In 2006, further specializing in race, Odair first visited Germany, the Rottweiler originating country, where the most beautiful and legendary examples of the breed were created. The kennel fully follow the official standard of the German Rottweiler.


  Had interests in the world of Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires.


  We currently have an average of forty dogs, bred in a structure totally adapted to your well being with regular physical activity, proper training and a staff always available.


  Work serving the needs of our customers and partners the best possible way, providing dogs with excellent pedigree, quality and health. A constant concern is we are always seeking to improve and advance our establishment.

2006, Rottweil - Germany, original city of the Rottweiler.

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